3 Examples Of Adding That Personal Touch To a Winning Cup Or Gift With Engraving.


It is always nice to receive or send a gift to someone as it lets them know that you appreciate them or that you recognise their abilities regarding work or sport. Businesses and business and commerce groups regularly present prizes to those who have excelled in their profession and have contributed something special to the business community. There is one additional way that you can make it even more special and that is to have the item presented engraved.

Once you find a quality engraving company in Gatwick, they can offer you a wide range of engraving services on a wide range of items. Here are some items and situations that the engraving can be applied.

  1. In the sporting world, winner’s cups are engraved with the names of the winning athletes or teams with the year of the achievement. It brings a more personalised aspect to the celebration.
  2. If you want to make a romantic gesture, you might want to have a message engraved on a ring, bracelet or watch to let the person know that you really do love and respect them.
  3. When people retire from their jobs, it is the end of an important era in their lives and so it is important to recognise that. A plaque with the receiver’s name is a lovely gesture to say thank you for all of their years’ service with the company.

To make anything more special that it already is, think about engraving an important message to add prestige and important to the item.