3 Reasons Why your Business Start Up Should Include an Accountant

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If you are one of the many entrepreneurs that think the accountant is someone you call at the end if the financial year, it might surprise you to learn that bringing an accountant at the very outset brings with it many advantages. If you’re planning a business launch in the near future, here are a few of the reasons why you should forge an alliance with a local accountant.

  1. Company Formation Advice – There are many ways to register a business; you could be a one man band and would be better off as self-employed, or there might be big advantages to creating a limited company. Talking to a local accountant in Brentwood allows you to decide on the best type of business to create, and it is vital to start out on the right track.
  1. Setting Up a Bookkeeping Routine – Your accountant can show you easy it is to record all your business activities, and with a good routine in place, your accounting will be easy, thus saving you money when the time comes to pay your tax returns.
  1. Advising on Taxation – Your accountant knows all about tax concessions, and without his expertise, you might end up paying a lot more tax than you need to. Company law and taxation is complex, and with an experienced chartered accountant in your corner, you can be sure to comply with government legislation and pay a minimum amount of tax.

There are many local accountants who specialise in helping business startups get established, and with their expertise, your business will have a strong foundation, on which to build.