Eco-friendly paper coffee cups



To save our mother earth and to reduce pollution, paper cups will be a boon. Instead of relying on the plastic which will not generate for many years, it is recommended to go for paper cups. One such innovation is the paper coffee cups and these are made by the hot cup factory. They offer all varieties and all sorts of hot paper cups. They are double-wall, ripple and single wall cups. The hot beverages like coffee as well as tea can be poured into these fabulous cups and can be enjoyed. Many pics regarding the coffee cups are displayed over the website and you can order them whatever purpose it may be.

Drink hot in the paper cups

These hot paper cups are specially designed for holding hot drinks like hot cocoa, coffee, tea and many other drinks which are mouth-watering and tasty. They are so familiar with the shops which sell them like the coffee shops as well as the restaurants, but they can also be used for the functions or parties like birthday parties, marriage events and many more. there are many sizes that are available for the paper cups like the double wall paper cups at this hot cup factory.

The hot cups which are available will be ranging between 1 oz to 20 oz, don’t think about the quality of the paper cups. these kinds of higher value and premium paper cups will hold the liquids either cold or hot. The recommended temperature for the liquids that should be held in the paper cups is 180 degrees or less than that. paper cups are in general are the disposable cups that means they cannot be reused again but they can be recycled. These are eco friendly and look fabulous too.

There are many varieties if you look into the catalog of the types and kinds of cups the hot cup factory has as they had taken their business to the next level by creating a number of paper cups specially designed with unique patterns and color combinations. They are so placing, and one will definitely not resist from getting the cups delivered. There are many styles of paper cups that are displayed with clear pics on the webpage and also can read the reviews regarding them so you could choose better. There are single-walled coffee cups and double-walled coffee cups, tweed, vintage style, quilted and so on. They are classic and have their style.


Don’t worry about the size of the cup, they are available in many sizes, colors, and patterns, you have the option and facility to choose accordingly. These are perfect coffee or the teacups which are bought from hot cup factory and can also be utilized at the same time as the hot chocolate cup.