Everything You Wanted To Know About Pink Diamonds

pink diamond

When it comes to trending fashion statements, nothing holds as much value as diamonds. Girls love diamonds, and therefore, although the way to a man’s heart can be through his stomach, the way to a girl’s heart can be through diamonds. Different ways are employed to measure the value of a diamond. One such parameter is the color. Colorless diamonds are highly expensive, but the addition of colors adds to the cost. One such expensive diamond is the pink diamond, also known as the Argyle diamond. Let us look into some of the interesting facts about Argyle diamonds.

Argyle diamonds have a rich history

Although around 90% of these diamonds come from the Argyle mine located in Australia, they have a rich historical spread. World history suggests that these diamonds were prevalent in India, Brazil and Africa. Previous scripts, stories and pictures show that these diamonds had a place in most emperors’ crowns. In all probabilities, the mines located in these countries might have got exhausted, or trading used to take place from Australia in those times as well.

Argyle pink diamonds are mysterious

Most colored diamonds have a solid scientific explanation for the origin of their colors. The presence of different minerals, salts, etc., result in the development of different colors in the diamond. However, for Argyle  diamonds, the presence of such minerals have not been reported. Rather, the Argyle diamond color has been considered an outcome of an extra level of complication within the diamond’s shape, resulting in a phenomenon called plastic deformation. The intensity of the pink color of these diamonds depends on the level of complexity. Moreover, these diamonds sometimes also exhibit a hue that is different from the usual pink color due to the presence of some minerals in it. These minerals impart a secondary color, and the resultant hue is a mixture of pink and the color imparted by the mineral.

Argyle pink diamonds takes a longer time to cut and handled

As stated earlier, argyle diamonds exhibit a greater level of complexity than other diamonds. Most diamonds need to be cut and shaped to fit into the jewelry it is associated with. Craftsmen use diamonds to cut other diamonds. Argyle  diamonds take a longer time to get shaped due to their complexity. Moreover, it is also more difficult to shape these diamonds compared to other diamonds.

Argyle diamonds are sourced from a different pipe

Most diamond mines are excavated from sources that have a kimberlite pipe. However, the case for Argyle  diamond is different. They are sourced from a volcanic lamproite pipe. Such pipes are present only in Argyle, making this diamond extremely rare and expensive.

Argyle pink diamonds are one of the rarest of their kind. There is no gradation of price based on the color of the diamond. Each hue of the Argyle pink diamond is associated with a particular price. Nowadays, artificial colored diamonds have come to the market, but they cannot completely take the place of the naturally occurring ones. If you wish to have such a diamond, ensure that you get the rarest ones, which you can proudly flaunt to others.