Extension Essentials: FAQs to Ask Your Web Address Host

Web Address Host

Your domain host is an essential partner for your online success. They use the Domain Name System (DNS) to connect your web address with your website, email and other essential Internet services. When combined with web hosting, they typically provide a range of features that can amplify your website and make it highly efficient. These features, like speed, scalability and uptime, are essential to online business.

But what are some of the essential FAQs you should ask your potential web and domain host? They can all be essential to finding the perfect team for your needs so let’s take a look at them below:

  1. Can I register my domain name?

When you buy domain names, most extensions like .com and .net are available for use, given that your desired extension hasn’t already been purchased by another entity. In this case, you may like to consider buying it from the owner for your own website.

However, there are a list of exceptions that can make it difficult for your business or organisation to enlist them. For example, the .edu can only be enlisted by educational organisations or related fields. The same goes with .gov, which can only be enlisted by governmental departments or organisations.

  1. Can I transfer my pre-existing web address?

It’s 2024, and transferring your pre-existing web address shouldn’t be a big deal. There are multiple reasons why you might like to transfer including dissatisfaction with pricing or terms. Regardless of the reason, your new provider should make it easy for you.

Therefore, if you have a pre-existing web address that you would like to transfer to your new host then simply ask, they should be able to accommodate you. What’s more, they should make it easy, with a simple solution that transfers you to their system in minutes.

  1. Do you build websites, too?

It’s awesome when you come across a hosting provider that doubles as a web marketing professional. This is because they can handle both your domain hosting as well as your website design and development. This simplifies the process whilst ensuring you’re working with an agency that has an extensive team of experts on site and ready to amplify your online success.

  1. Is it more expensive to host my web address?

Your hosting provider really shouldn’t make it more expensive to host one address over another. For example, it shouldn’t cost any more to host a .store website than it would a .com website. Therefore, one of the things you should certainly check with your potential provider is whether they provide different pricing structures for different extensions. They should provide consistent pricing regardless of the extension so beware any agency that does the opposite.

  1. Can you market my website?

As aforementioned: coming across an agency that can host your website as well as market it is a fantastic occurrence. This means they provide a complete service and one which will simplify essentials like billing and technical support for your business.

What’s more, you will likely want your website to get off the ground with an expert team, so feel free to ask if they provide marketing essentials like SEO, social media, content marketing, link building and more. Having your host combine their service with top class marketing can be one of the optimal ways to streamline your digital campaign and so it’s good to look out for agencies who can accommodate this need!