Factors to consider when designing and constructing an aircraft hangar

aircraft hangar

Are you considering designing or install the aircraft hangars for light aircraft and helicopters for commercial or private use? Then continue reading this post to understand some of the essential factors to consider while designing and constructing the aircraft hangar –

Give attention to the geographical location and site properties of the hangar help to determine the design and magnitude of your hangar.  Also check the type of soil at the location.

There will significantly impact your hangar’s design and construction based on where you are building your hangar on private property or an existing airport.

When building the aircraft hangars at the airport – check the airport minimum standards for the airport buildings. Find out the specifications and necessary criteria your hangar must meet while constructing the hangar at the airport. For instance, there could be a specific building design required for the individual airfield. You should ensure to design the hangar based on the restrictions of the particular airport, including the metal cladding, non-reflective colours that do not affect the eyes of the pilots etc.

It is always advised to speak with the airport officials to check to get an idea of the rules and regulations to be followed at the particular airport.

Next, check the purpose of the hangar. It could be simply to store the plane, rent it to the aircraft owners, private use, etc. Think of how large space you might need to store the aircraft or how many planes or helicopters you are planning to store.

Another major factor is the hangar door opening requirement. Think on the lines of how to design the perfect hangar with access doors such as personnel doors or roller doors apart from the main opening.

Also, consider the requirement of temperature control in the hangar. In a hot or cold region, especially insulation is extremely important to keep the hangar at a reasonable temperature.

Another important factor to consider is the storage space for equipment, amenities, and office space. If you planning to build the hangar for providing it as the rental space to other aircraft owners, ensure to have adequate office space. Similarly, consider having the workshop to get the aircraft inspected and repaired.

While constructing the hangar, ensure that the doors are easy to access, and move smoothly. The manual doors should not be too heavy to access. Consider motorizing the larger doors or using counterweights.

Ensure to pick the best quality moving parts. Always check the rolling track, ensure that it is robust and out of the way for the aircraft to easily rollover.

Most importantly, ensure the security of the hangar.

Think of what you may require from the hangar in a long term. It is extremely important to take your time to think and understand how well you will use the hangar space over a while. When you have a clear understanding of all of these, you will be able to arrive at the perfect design that will be helpful for you.