Five Things You Should Know Before Opening a Nursing Home


If you have great entrepreneurial skills and are passionate about care, opening and running your own nursing home could be the perfect role for you. As our average life expectancy continues to increase, the need for nursing homes will continue to rise also. If you are compassionate and have been in a caring role, opening a nursing home can mean you are helping the aging population and rewarding yourself with a great wage. If you are interested in opening a nursing home, here are five things you should know.

You Need Good Knowledge and Experience

The more experienced you are in this sector, the better. Anyone with business knowledge can consider running a nursing home, but only those with experience will understand exactly what they need and why. This allows you to ensure you do not miss out anything important, and also provides you with the compassion and care to be a great nursing home manager.

The more experience you have, the better the care you will be able to provide for possible service users, meaning your care home is more likely to be successful. Although many people do not like to talk about profits from a care home, having the right knowledge and experience means that you will be providing high-quality care and, therefore, earning a profit through hard work, kindness, and dedication.

Have a Business Plan

All businesses need a plan, and a nursing home is no exception. The first thing you should consider is a suitable location and building. As nursing homes are for the elderly, the building needs to be easily accessible and close enough for employees and relatives to visit and work.

A business plan allows you to consider what equipment you will need and your overall budget. Other things to consider in your plan are the residents nearby who would be interested in a care home being built near to them, and also the energy bills. As you will need a lot of heat in a nursing home, it is best looking for an energy supplier early on who may be able to give you a good deal.

Coming Up with a Name

Finding the right name for any business can be hard, but no more so in the case of choosing one for a nursing home. There are many nursing homes throughout the UK and, therefore, it is best to check that you have not chosen the same one as somebody else. Having a name that is memorable can be great for promoting your company. Do a search on the Companies House website if you are thinking of starting a limited company.

As nursing homes are a place where elderly people come to be looked after, having a nursing home name that doesn’t sound too medicalised is ideal. It should also be quite obvious that it is a nursing home, so anything that involves the words care or nursing is best.

Follow Nursing Home Regulations

If you are going to be running a nursing home in the UK, you will need to apply for a special license from the government website. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the government body who deal with any nursing homes and NHS buildings in England. For your nursing home to be accepted and given permission to open, you must comply with all regulations that the CQC set.

There are conditions that the CQC sets for those looking to run and manage a nursing home. These include having the correct qualifications, experience, and being of good character. For more information on opening a nursing home and the legislation that must be followed, check out the Government website.

Hiring and Training Staff

If you have never interviewed before, it can be a daunting experience. As stated earlier, having the right knowledge and experience will put you in good stead for opening a nursing home and being able to hire the right staff, as you will have an idea of what to look for in potential candidates. Staff should be background checked before working in a nursing home and this is something that should be a priority.

Not everyone will have relevant training, but this is something that you can provide or ask your employees to carry out. Whether you wish to sharpen your own skills or those of your employees, there are plenty of free online courses with qualifications that are relevant for nursing home staff, including social care courses. lists a number of free health and social care courses throughout the UK, covering everything from handling medications to safeguarding. These free online courses with qualifications can provide knowledge and information for new starters and for yourself.

Opening a nursing home is a great idea if you have the right level of experience and business acumen. Finding staff that are great for their roles and ensuring you follow CQC guidance will mean your nursing home will be a success.