How Dust Control Systems Improve Manufacturing Facilities


There are many factors that will have an impact on the day-to-day operations of manufacturing facilities. Among others, one that should not be ignored is dust. It can originate from various sources, such as the materials that are used or the processes that are being completed. To address this problem, there should be an effective dust control system in place, such as the solutions that can be provided by BossTek.

In the rest of this short post, we will quickly tackle some of the ways that dust control can positively impact the manufacturing sector.

It Establishes a Healthier Workplace

On top of the list of the benefits of dust and odor control systems, such as BossTek, would be the ability to create a healthier workplace. The dust in a manufacturing facility has been associated with a number of health problems, such as asthma and lung cancer. The extent of the problem will depend on the severity of the exposure, among other things. While personal protective equipment is given, there are instances when it is not enough to protect the workers.

It Improves Productivity

In line with what has been mentioned above, dust control systems will also positively impact productivity in the workplace. When employees are healthier, they are happier, and hence, they will become more productive. This will allow them to complete the task assigned to them as scheduled.

It Prolongs the Lifespan of the Equipment

Dust particles may seem small, but when they accumulate, they can damage the equipment in a manufacturing facility. Therefore, appropriate control systems will be necessary to lessen the downtime of the equipment and minimize costs for repair and maintenance. When dust is properly dealt with, there is a slim chance that they will cause a breakdown of the machines.

It Improves Product Quality

Dust can contaminate products. In the same way, it can also affect the functionality of the equipment. Because of dust, the machines in a manufacturing facility may end up being faulty and this can negatively affect the quality of the output. In turn, this can make customers dissatisfied and will bring the business down.

It Reduces Risks of Explosion

Combustible gas can be a significant threat in the manufacturing plant. In December 2018, a dust explosion happened in a DuPont Memphis plant. However, because of a suppression system, it has been quickly extinguished and gladly, no one was hurt. With this, manufacturing companies should have the right technologies in place to avoid dust explosions.

It Ensures Compliance

Manufacturing facilities are expected to comply with the rules that are set by relevant authorities, which will depend on their location. With a dust control system, it will be easier to comply with the requirements to establish a safe workplace. This will make sure that the company will not fail in any inspection that can be conducted to be granted the permit or certificates to operate.

Indeed, it is pretty clear that a dust control system is a necessity and not a luxury for a manufacturing facility. It makes the employees healthy and productive while prolonging the lifespan of the equipment, among other benefits.