How Mileage Works with All Inclusive Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions

So, you’ve been looking into car subscriptions and are intrigued by everything they have to offer, but there are a few aspects that are keeping you from taking the leap. Many people looking to make the switch will be focusing on their budget over the functionality on offer, and while services are typically offered under one flat fee, one thing that keeps popping up is mileage. As it can be confusing to understand just how everything works where mileage is concerned, we’re here to make things a little more straightforward for you.

Car subscriptions at a glance

All-inclusive car subscriptions have entered the car rental market in recent years to bring a new level of flexibility to drivers with an array of needs. In almost all cases, you will have access to anything from budget-friendly cars to luxury ones, with the ability to create a no-obligation, short-term or rolling contract that covers all of the typical expenses in one affordable sum (such as insurance and even car detailing). These types of services are beneficial for both drivers and vehicle providers overall, but it’s no secret that mileage is an additional factor that both need to consider.

Important information about mileage

The biggest concern for leasing companies is the fact that the more a car is driven, the more it will depreciate in value, so to keep things balanced, a mileage limit is the most sensible solution. Those using a car subscription will need to keep in mind the fact that all services will have one, and that these typically start at around 1,000 miles a month. While this may sound like a fair amount, you will have to consider that many drivers won’t want to be watching the odometer and doing the maths, so it can be easy to go over this amount. If this happens, there will be extra charges added onto your bill – and while these may be rather low (typically between 20p to £1.25 per mile depending on the car company and vehicle), many providers will offer mileage limit upgrades to stop fees from quickly adding up.

Is it worth using mileage limit upgrades?

If you know you will be using your car more frequently than the average driver, it may be worthwhile to opt for a mileage limit upgrade as soon as you create your contract. If you aren’t sure if you will need extra mileage, it could be a good idea to go through your first subscription and see where you stand. Of course, driving frequency can increase or decrease from month to month, so you may want to consider any aspects that may cause you to use your care more or less and adjust as you go.

In many instances, it can simply be cheaper to opt for extra mileage as a precaution and can help if you are concerned about sticking to a budget. The good news is that some companies out there will allow users to upgrade mileage plans mid-term and the majority will allow unused miles to be rolled over (typically to the following month). Remember that unused miles will likely have an expiration however, so be sure to check the terms with your chosen provider before making a commitment.