If You Want to Successfully Collect a Debt: Don’t Make These Mistakes


Although it can be uncomfortable to ask a customer to pay a bill, you need funds to keep your business afloat. Invoices can pile up in no time. To get the cash flowing into your business, you must know to avoid making debt collection mistakes that other businesses make. These mistakes include the following:

Not Using the Right Approach

When you collect outstanding debts, you need to find a middle ground. You should not too nice or too harsh to get cash from your debtors. You can give grace periods but you should set limits to your generosity. Choose an approach that works for you and stick to it.

Putting Off Debt Collection

Even if it becomes impossible to get everything done in a day, you should dedicate time to debt collection. Letting outstanding debt sit for too long will take away the much-needed cash flow from your business. Hire a collection lawyer in New York early on so collections don’t add up. Consistent collections of past-due debt will benefit your bottom line.

Not Setting Rules

Your business must have a credit policy that covers customer credit for your business to clear confusion when issues arise. Before you offer a credit line to a customer, let them fill out an application form first. Then, conduct a credit check. Give credit only to applicants with a good track record of paying their bills. And when interviewing every customer, go over the credit rules and policies to make expectations clear.

Harassing Your Debtor

No matter how eager you want to collect on outstanding debt, you should not harass your debtor. Harassment could be unlawful and you may end up pushing the customer away. Avoid making repeated calls when collecting debts. Also, do not use inappropriate language or threaten violence. It is not also right to humiliate your debtor by publishing information about them or calling their job.

Not Using Different Forms of Communication When Collecting

It is common to mail a bill or collection notice to your customers instead of calling them. But, if you only stick to these methods, your request can easily be ignored. If you want to increase your chances of successfully collecting what is owed to you, you need to use different forms of communication. Did you know that text messages or phone calls can effectively collect a debt?

You deserve to get the payments owed to you. By knowing some ways to collect debts, you can avoid making costly mistakes. If you need help collecting outstanding debts, contact a debt collection attorney right away.