Are you limited by workspace and are in search of the perfect and most suitable excavator for your digging and demolition jobs? Then look no further! The Kubota U25-3 mini excavator is what you’re looking for. With a multitude of advanced features, it is powerful, achieves excellent performance and offers a high level of efficiency. Like other minis, they are commonly available from most excavator hire companies and feature an outstanding ability to fit into and maneuver tight and confined spaces which may be too small for full-sized excavators and projects therein that may be too large to be done by hand.

With a zero-tail swing, Kubota U25-3 has the ability to make 360 degrees turning without its body ever going over the width of the tracks. This minimizes the risk of causing damage to buildings and other obstructions that may be nearby and to the excavator itself while in operation in tight corners. An added benefit that this feature provides is excellent balance and stability, thereby allowing operators to use it even in congested urban areas, roadsides with minimal traffic and inside buildings.

Its sturdiness and balance, which make it the go-to mini for heavy-duty digging jobs gives it an edge over its counterparts. With its superior drilling and digging force and a maximum digging depth of 2540mm, this reliable machine gets the job done in optimum time even in the toughest of soils, reducing fuel consumption which further translates to reduced operating costs, a welcomed increased margins for contractors. Not only is this machine ideal for use in tough soil but it’s also suitable for sensitive terrain. Projects in such soils need cause minimal disturbance and being that Kubota U25-3 offers precision drilling this is often achieved. Its 4560kg weight, which is inclusive of its 2380kg operating weight, makes it relatively lighter in comparison to other excavators. This being a significant contributing factor to its suitability for work in the aforementioned soils.

It is very common to find the Kubota U25-3 available for mini excavator hire, due to their reliability and low maintenance, such machinery are equipped with extendable tracks to which adjustments can be made between 1300mm-1500mm. This component influences both its stability and navigation of tighter worksites. Increasing the track gauge provides the machine with greater stability and as a result curbing accident occurrence, boosting its efficiency and productivity while decreasing it allows it to fit into and through gaps as narrow as 1300mm. These rubber-made tracks are less destructive to surfaces, have lower maintenance costs, allow the operator to move faster and are quiet while in operation.

To enhance operator comfort as well as ensure smooth operation and control, Kubota U25-3 features ergonomically designed wrist rests, levers and a high back seat. With these an operator will be productive as he is less likely to experience fatigue. The machine also comes with a newly designed 2-speed travel switch that allows quick and easy change of travel speeds, and being that it’s conveniently situated on the dozer lever, operator comfort is greatly enhanced with the increased legroom. Operator safety is further ensured by the integrated Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS), with the availability of both canopy and cabin versions.

Other features possessed by the U25-3 include an optional long arm which provides it with a longer reach during operation and hence getting more work done at worksites, a powerful traveling force even in rough terrain made possible by traveling lock levers which activate whenever the pilot control safety lever is not engaged thereby stopping any unexpected movements by the machine. In addition, its engine supports low fuel consumption, high power generation and low vibration while exhaust emissions are kept at a minimum.