Protect Your Emails, Protect Your Company


Businesses are under attack each and every day from hackers, spam, and viruses. At the least, these problems and issues can be minor inconveniences that take away from the productivity of your day and cause interruptions for your employees. At their worst, viruses can infect your computers, hackers can gain access to private and sensitive information, and your company can take a major loss. Protecting your company is important and while most business owners understand the importance of locks on the doors, fully vetting people before they hire them, and ensuring that they have insurance in case of an on-premise accident, not all owners take the extra steps to protect their computers from attack.

Easy to Install and to Use

When looking for a program to install on your work computers that will protect against attacks through email as well as any unwanted spam, it’s normal to want to choose a program that has a lot of bells and whistles and looks very impressive; however, that is not always the sign of a great program that will do what it promises. Your best bet is to make sure that you buy and install a program that is not only easy to install but also very user-friendly. If your employees do not understand how to use the program or find it too difficult, then chances are very good that they will not use it correctly and you will experience the very problems that you were trying to protect against. Buying a program such as Mailcleaner, which is as powerful as it is user-friendly, ensures that not only are you protected but that your employees understand how to use the program and are willing to do so.

Check the Features

Not all technology works the same and you want to make sure that the filter or program you use will work with your company and l meet your needs. In addition to being easy to use, you want to make sure that it is compatible with your system so that you don’t have to perform expensive updates on all of your computers in order to be able to protect your email. Additionally, find out the removal rate for incoming viruses, if it will verify the identity of mail servers sending you email, and how easily it can be installed on a large number of computers. While you want the same program or filter on every employee’s computer, they will want to have some control over the filters to make sure that it doesn’t accidentally refuse a legit email.

As the business owner, it’s up to you to protect your company and you can do this by making sure that all computers are safe. Attacks will come through email so it’s imperative that you are prepared to stop them. The right filter or software will make this job easy and will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.