Self-Care Strategies for Business Leaders

Business Leaders

Leading employees and colleagues in any type of business or organization can be a daunting endeavor, and many leaders end up spreading themselves too thin in no time at all. Self-care is important for everyone, but managers and leaders can especially benefit from taking time out of one’s day to relax and recharge.

Learn about four self-care strategies for leaders below.

1. Regular Exercise

Although exercising may be the last thing a stressed individual wants to do, light or vigorous exercise is one of the best ways a person can take care of themselves when they feel burned out. Michael Canzian often talks about how helpful he finds exercise, especially running, to be for his mindset and making himself feel relaxed and refreshed.

The best form of exercise is the one that you truly enjoy doing. If you like running, stick with that. If you prefer yoga, long walks, or playing outside with your dog, those activities will be your best bet.

2. Setting Boundaries

Many leaders strive to be involved and supportive of their employees around the clock, but this can cause burnout in a matter of weeks. Setting boundaries can be difficult at first, but learning to shut down your computer at the end of a workday, sticking to your own schedule, or saying “no” more often just might be the best thing you can do for yourself.

3. Prioritize Sleep

Human beings can only work so many hours before their productivity begins to crash, which is why it’s imperative that you prioritize sleep to give your brain a chance to recharge. It can be tricky for many busy adults, especially parents, to get a full eight hours, but many adults don’t even get more than five on a good night.

If you find yourself constantly struggling to get to bed in a timely manner, try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you when it’s bedtime. It can be easy to sit in front of the TV or play on your cellphone into the late hours of the night after a long day at work, but you’ll be much better off spending that time snoozing instead.

The best leaders hold themselves up to a high standard and work tirelessly to support and get the best out of their employees. Unfortunately, many leaders take on too much and end up underperforming and struggling with mental health issues.

Take care of yourself by following the three self-care tips above, and you’ll be surprised by how much your productivity, and mood, improve in the long term.