What Can Contconcord Domain Authority Checker Do for You?


One of the key aspects of any successful online marketing campaign is measuring and tracking the performance of your website and its pages. This process begins with a thorough analysis using various tools such as Google Analytics, Contconcord, Moz’s Pro Tools, etc.

Best DA Checker

Among these many tools, one that has been gaining more popularity lately is called Domain Authority Checker (DAC). DAC measures a domain’s authority or “power” based on factors like age, size, backlinks pointing to it from other websites (external links), social media shares/mentions/follow, etc. The higher the score for each factor weighted together according to Moz’s algorithm – which can be anywhere from 0-100 – indicates how powerful that particular site may be in driving traffic from external sources.

Different Features of DA Checkers

Initially designed by Moz as an internal tool for their marketing purposes only, this handy little tool became popular over time to release to the public free of charge so anyone could use it! As such, there are quite a few different Domain Authority Checkers available, both paid and unpaid versions out there nowadays – some better than others, admittedly – but all striving towards achieving essentially the same thing.

There is no perfect DA Checker – different tools use different metrics and algorithms to develop their Domain Authority scores, so it’s always best to cross-check using more than one tool for a more accurate reading.

How to use them?

Simply put, a website’s Domain Authority (DA) reflects its ability to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is based on Moz’s proprietary algorithm that considers dozens of factors, including linking root domains, number of links, MozRank & PageAuthority, etc., and gives an aggregate score out of 100. A high DA suggests that the site has a lot of authority relative to other websites on the internet, while a low DA may indicate that it doesn’t have much sway when competing against others in SERPS.