What Should You Look for in the Ideal Credit Card


Credit cards are everywhere these days. They provide an easy and convenient way to access money and spend big when we really need to. In fact, some people use them as emergency cards, safe in the knowledge that they can cover just about any unforeseen expense. Of course, credit card companies have evolved and now offer some really great deals if one knows exactly where to look and what to look for.

A Better Kind of Credit

The truth is that no one wants a credit card that is a hassle to use. Users want to be able to access their money quickly and easily, but they also ideally want a card that comes with some offers, exclusive deals, and perks if possible. Is that really too much to ask?

So, here are the best credit cards in Malaysia that offer the following features:

  • Fees: Ideally, every credit card would have no fees, but that is a dream for most people. The truth is that just about all credit cards have fees, except for a Malaysian card that features no annual fees at all for three years. This is great news for those people who have been hit time after time with crazy credit card fees. It also means that it’s easier to use a credit card more responsibly since it will fit within the household budget.
  • Rebates: It has become popular in recent years for major banks to partner with retailers in order to provide exclusive rebates on purchases. The problem is that lots of banks also place a cap on the rebates that can be earned through these deals. Ultimately, this means that people will miss out on their rebates because the bank feels like placing a cap on the activity. So, what’s the solution? The best credit cards have no cap on rebates at all! This means that it’s possible to use the card all year long at your favourite stores and also receive bonuses through the bank.
  • Partnerships and competitions: Wouldn’t it be great if a bank not only provided a credit card without a rebate cap, but also provided a card that gave every member the chance to win something or even get discounts at their favourite local restaurants? The best credit card would offer prize money to a random member every month and as well as ongoing discounts at restaurants, hotels, and other retail partners. What better way to entice people to sign up as a credit card customer?

As the Competition Heats Up

The simple fact is that there is now so much competition in the world of credit card banking that there are some really great deals available for Malaysian customers. It’s really just a question of doing some investigating.