Does top credit cards helpful for students

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As college students go to their institutions for the first time, they are not aware of financial responsibilities they are going to face. They are adults now but have no experience of using finances on their own. They may face various financial difficulties during college life, which they find hard to tackle without their parent’s guidance. This may affect them badly in the upcoming years.

The better time to start using finances in the form of credit card is starting college. Start making good track record with your credit company in early days of college, will help getting big loans and credits in future, when you graduate. By using credit cards, students can learn good and responsible credit habits. How to pay bills on time, such as cell phone bill, grocery and of course credit card bill? They will learn how to make budget and spend according to it in limits.

Students can get benefits and enjoy rewards, cash backs, points and perks by activating their credit cards. Parents of college students using credit cards are satisfied that they will able to deal with emergencies and crisis they faces. The students can book car rides and air tickets. They can pay for medical and dental emergencies when they are away from home.

Many credit card companies offer cards significantly concerning college students as they have low or no credit score. Best top credit cards for college students generally offer low interest fee, reasonable APR, perks and cash back rewards to attract them. Some credit cards give cash back on purchasing certain groceries, gas, dining out and other regular items.

Many cards do not charge any annual fee or foreign transaction fee. Although they give high amount of credit but students not eligible with bad credit history. They offer cash back rewards which can be redeemed till the account remain open.

One credit card offer cash back on purchasing and cash back bonus if they pay on time.

You can earn bonus thank you points on purchasing certain items during the first few months of opening the account.

There is outstanding rise in student loan from last few years and thousands of students are graduating with tons of loan. It has been disturbing the lives of people, financially and socially, minimizing their spending strengths.

Every student and parent do not afford to high educational fees and other college expenses. The financial burden worries most of the students and they need to find ways of alternative college credit options. This is a flexible path to get higher education for students with financial limitations and time concerns. They can earn college credit through various options which are cost effective and easily fit into their time and life style.

These are some options to explore:

Open Educational resources (OER) are free, self study options to help in online course work for any given program. This will help in earning credits.

Credit by Exam a comprehensive exam is taken to assess knowledge for the completion of degree These courses are equivalent to University degree programs.

Portfolio Assessment allows you to earn credit for college level knowledge. You develop a portfolio that documents the mastery of given subject.

Academic Program Reviews the knowledge gained through educational programs, workshop trainings, professional licenses and certification can also be added to college credits. Many organizations and workplaces conduct training programs under the university office and credit it towards college degree.

Online Courses many online courses which have been evaluated and recommended for credit ACE. Nature of these classes enables you to log into online course from any location and time to complete it.