Can Project Management Be Applied to Staff Meetings?

We tend to think of project management as a corporate exercise in getting big things done. Project managers ensure the buildings get built. They guarantee new software projects get completed on time. You know the drill. But a fascinating article recently published by the Louisville Business First Leadership Trust raises a compelling question: can project management be applied to staff meetings?

The post was written by Joe DeSensi, a successful entrepreneur, writer, and recording artist. In it, DeSensi lays out his understanding of project management on a grand scale. He then applies that understanding to staff meetings. What he writes makes good sense. It may or may not be applicable in the real world, but his proposal is definitely worth looking at.

This post will not look at DeSensi’s piece in detail. It will cover some of the highlights. A good place to start is addressing why one would apply project management to staff meetings.

Time Wasted on Nothing

If you are familiar with the Dilbert comic strip, you know that one of its favorite themes is the staff meeting. Creator Scott Adams likes to poke fun at corporate staff meetings that waste a lot of time and don’t accomplish anything. What makes it so funny is that it is not far from the truth.

How many staff meetings that you’ve attended haven’t accomplished anything? Probably too many. It is usually because whoever was responsible for the meeting had no plan. Their lack of planning was exacerbated by staff members who can’t seem to keep their thoughts on track. Hours of bunny trails and repetitive dissertations culminated in no substantive decisions and no clear vision.

The Project Management Difference

DeSensi asserts that five project management principles can change staff meetings dramatically if applied consistently. His five principles are not unlike those proposed by the Janiko Group for traditional project management. Both DeSensi and the Janiko Group think along the same lines.

Here are the five principles mentioned in his piece:

  1. Initiation– Project management dictates initiating a meeting by figuring out why it’s being called. What is the purpose of the meeting? What are its objectives? Does the person calling the meeting have a particular vision in mind? If such questions cannot be answered, there may be no need for the meeting at all.
  2. Planning– The next principle is planning. In terms of the staff meeting, this means planning exactly how the meeting will be conducted. It means planning the amount of time allotted for each topic, who will lead the discussions, and so forth.
  3. Execution– Next up is execution. Like any good project, staff meetings should be executed according to the plan. This prevents things from getting out of hand.
  4. Monitoring– Just like projects have to be monitored in terms of budget, scope, etc., staff meetings have to be monitored by someone who has the ability to get things back on track in the event they run off the rails. Failing to monitor leads to a Dilbert-like meeting.
  5. Analysis– DeSensi’s final point is what he refers to as ‘closing’. However, ‘analysis’ seems like a better term. This task looks back on the meeting after it’s complete and assesses how it went. Post-meeting analysis sets the stage for doing better next time.

Can project management be applied to staff meetings? In theory, yes. Whether or not it works in practice relies a lot on how willing participants are to commit to a project management structure. If everyone is on board, there is no reason they cannot have better meetings that actually produce results without wasting time.


The Future of Payment Gateways

Despite its simplicity, the topic of gateways is far more complex and interesting than it appears. Payment gateways have been steadily improving over the years, however, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Considering how important payment gateways are to industries ranging from FinTech to Logistics to Education, these topics require further consideration. As outlined below, it covers a few of the current trends in the payment processing industry, how payment gateways can evolve in the future, and the future of the payment system.

The Current State Of A Payment Gateway

A payment gateway acts as a middleman between an individual and a bank. Payment information is transmitted via the gateway between a portal from which a payment is made (an online marketplace, a subscription-based app, etc) and a bank that can process it.

Gateways provide all the means as well as established processes to ensure secure transactions of large quantities of payment data. The seamless and smooth processing of payments in different currencies, on a large scale, and in compliance with local regulations is a challenging task, and there are gateways available to make it happen.

Technologies For The Future Of Payments

P2P Payments

A decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) payment network would be one of the most sought-after frameworks. Legacy legislation has no place on this platform, just simple and private transactions between two parties. The future payment system will lower merchant and customer costs and simplify the payment process.

Cryptocurrency Transactions

Given that we have touched the blockchain nerve, we might as well explore cryptocurrency-based transactions. The implementation of such a payment technology in the future is incredibly difficult to predict, as well as what laws will govern it on a global scale (there are crypto payment options available today, for example, but they are very regional in nature).

However, it appears quite likely that new regulations will have to be developed to monitor crypto transactions, which would offer a great opportunity for innovations. The use of cryptos as a form of transferring money can be cheaper and safer than other ways.


It is theoretically feasible to transfer money in extremely small amounts if the transaction cost is reduced to a negligible quantity. Thus, the transaction services could be billed accurately.

A sufficiently low transaction fee has made micro and nano payments economically viable so far. Some service providers offer micropayments, but only for a limited number of services.

To Conclude

Considering the future of an online payment system based on micropayments, it is difficult to predict what its potential will be. A global system like this is ambitious and not 100% practical. The improvement of technologies and money transfer “logistics” can, however, lead to such a paradigm shift.


How To Choose The Best Fire Consultants In Australia?


How To Choose The Best Fire Consultants In Australia? 2If you are planning to hire the services of a fire consultant company, it can be vital to first go through certain checkpoints on your list that can help save your investment, energy, and time. All your needs and essential requirements emerge from the idea of what type of structure you have planned for your building. Since every design and structure has its own peculiarities, it becomes essential to focus on the specific details. Hence, finding the right fire consultant service provider for your building becomes a crucial job. To make your work easier, we have planned out certain tips you can use for choosing the best fire consultant in Australia among a big pool:-

  1. Trust the previous client reviews: The digital world offers the maximum advantage to users as they can now simply go through the search engines for finding several options in any stream or for any requirement. With more options, competition grows and so does the cycle of demand and supply making companies compete with each other for better quality, cost, and customer service. Saying that you can always trust the testimonials of the previous clients to get better references or perhaps after getting in touch with a company, ask for contacts of their previous clients to get offline inquiry as well. This can help you get real-life reviews and save your time and energy in merely trusting the stranger company with your dream project.
  2. Look for experienced companies: When it comes to getting the services of a fire engineer, you must go for the experience. For more experienced fire protection companies, they have better knowledge about the market area than the fresher ones. They know the book by rules as well what matters on the practical ground as well. Further, with an experienced service provider, you can get details of their previous project and clients to find out about their work and client services. With experienced fire consultant service providers, you can always remain sure of avoiding common and silly errors since with experience also comes expertise.
  3. Enquire about the background: You can’t miss getting to know your consultants better by enquiring about their backgrounds. Things like the name of their previous clients, their big projects, their industry reputation, the expertise of their staff, their accreditations and validation of their license, etc. are important to understand the credibility of the consultancy.
  4. Ask certain questions: We have a list of certain questions that you can ask from the fire consultants. They are:-
  • If they are a member of certain important relevant organizations?
  • Ask about the cost of fire systems and if there are any additional or hidden charges for things like fuel, links, seals, disposal fees, etc.
  • Ask about their customer servicing. If they provide technicians all round the clock, if they are well-equipped with the latest technology, how well they are accessible, about the time they take in solving issues, etc.
  • If they provide customized protection from fire services?
  • Do they have their own staff or do they take services of fire protection contractors from middle parties?

All these factors can certainly make your investment worthwhile and save you last-minute troubles. Keep in mind a reputed and reliable company focuses on providing fast and efficient client services with proper communication.


Tips To File Tax Returns Faster, If You Still Haven’t

The deadline to file taxes has been updated by the IRS, it is best to get your tax refund filed as soon as possible. However, trying to get your taxes done is a huge task, especially if you are new to this. It is best to file your taxes as early as possible, as the earlier you file it, the earlier you will receive your refund. The IRS usually takes about 21 days to give your return once it has been passed, so if you want it as soon as possible, the best option is to file it as soon as possible. If you still have not filed your Tax Return, here are some tips that you can follow so that you can get it as soon as possible. 

The First Tip Is To File Early: The first and the most essential tip is to file the taxes as early as possible. Even if you do not file the taxes early, you can start preparing early, this will help you out a lot. And the sooner you submit your tax return, the earlier you will get it back, so start early. However, before you start, make sure that you have all the necessary files so that you do not run into issues later. 

Filing Your Tax Return Electronically Is The Way To Go: If you want to get your tax return as soon as possible, the second tip is to file it electronically. When you file your tax return electronically, it usually takes about 21 days to get your return. However, if you are considering doing the paperwork and mail it, it will take about six to eight weeks to get your return. So, if you want to get the amount in your hand as early as possible, the best way to do so is to file for the tax return electronically. This process will not only help you get your return early, but it will also minimize the errors. 

Choose Direct Deposit Instead Of Cash: You may be used to receiving a check for your refund in the mail, but this process takes a lot of time as compared to if you opt for direct deposit. Signing up for a direct deposit is the way to go if you are looking for a way to get your cash as soon as possible. Even if you are mailing the tax return, if you choose the direct deposit, you will receive the return faster. Apart from this, if you opt for a check, you are also putting it at risk as it might end up getting lost in the mail. 

Make Sure That There Are No Errors:  When you are filing for your tax return, one of the mistakes that you should avoid is making errors. If you make any error, even if it is making a small mistake or writing down your social security number incorrectly, it will slow down the process. So when you are filing your tax return, make sure that you do not make any errors. This mistake is common if you are filing it by yourself; therefore, it is best to let an expert do it for you or let a trusted family member or friend have a look at it. 

Filing for a Tax Return is not an easy task, and therefore, the best option is to let a professional tax preparer complete the task for you. If you still have not filed your tax return yet and you want to get a hold of your money as soon as possible, you can follow the above-stated tips. And once you have successfully filed the tax return, you can check the IRS online forum to check the status of your return.


Marketing Strategies to Save Businesses during a Downturn

Running a business is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From declining sales to economic downturns, entrepreneurs are always on their toes trying to keep the business afloat. Managing everything across the company can be pretty challenging, especially when the odds are not in your favor. However, it doesn’t mean you shut down the operations or drown in losses; instead, learn to stand in the face of the challenges.

Usually, every entrepreneur’s first instinct is to cut back on business costs. While some curtail utilities, others start questioning the worth of their marketing budget. Well, business owners fail to realize that companies who stop their marketing campaigns during a downturn end up losing customers. It reduces your online and offline presence, letting the competitors fill in gaps and grasp your market share.

Therefore, you have to stay at the forefront of audiences’ minds to keep the revenue streams open. You can also put a brand message of strength and leadership, assuring customers that everyone would make it through these uncertain times. Indeed, you can’t market to your fullest during a downturn, but running small campaigns won’t be a hassle. Here we are listing six marketing strategies to save your business from a downturn.

1. SEO Marketing

SEO positions your brand’s website as a leader when customers go through a buyer’s journey. Undoubtedly, it is the most crucial thing during a downturn. SEO marketing can position your company above the competitors by targeting keywords. However, this marketing channel requires ongoing investment to make the most of it to utilize this option since the market demand is already low. Having a solid online presence will keep the traffic flowing, improving sales and conversion prospects.

Firstly, optimize your website for top-most ranking factors, including link building, visual elements, responsiveness, etc. Second, identify the keywords customers use while searching for similar products and services. You can also optimize for long-tail keywords since the competition is low. Lastly, you have to build content that caters to customer’s current needs. Once your content strategy runs in full swing, share your content on social media to spread awareness.

2. Leverage Testimonials & Feedback

Customer reviews hold the power to influence purchasing decisions and strengthen the company’s reputation. You can also utilize reviews in your content marketing campaign to empower your strategy in a downturn. Reach out to current customers and feel free to ask for a review on social media forums but don’t force them to write one.

Besides, if you want to get the most value out of customer reviews, place them on your website near CTA buttons. You can also include testimonials in your email marketing campaigns to help people complete their purchase journey.

3. Lean on Consistent Branding

Every marketer has to put in more effort to keep the business operational during a recession. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot relaunch or rebrand the company. You have to be consistent with your branding efforts, keep engaging with audiences, and reassess the brand. It would help ensuring your company can face the upcoming challenges. Similarly, you have to understand where your brand stands in the competitive landscape. Determine your unique selling proposition to differentiate your business from the market.

Believe it or not, the shadow of a looming recession is an ideal time to conduct research. It will help you understand the value you provide to customers, helping you sell in a recessionary environment. Besides, brands that target niche industries can withstand a recession without any trouble.

4. Reevaluate Your Content Strategy

Content marketing can offer an opportunity to educate, influence, and close sales during an economic downturn. Hence, assess your industry needs, customer preferences, and business goals to select a suitable content format. You can also review analytics to determine content needs and address the questions customers are asking. Most importantly, integrate content across different channels to reach a broader audience.

You can generate blog posts or publish content on social media. Otherwise, you can utilize interactive content such as quizzes, polls, or surveys to keep people engaged in these challenging times. You can also shed light on trending topics in the industry to attract readers. Above all, offer information that builds trust and confidence with your audience. Once you learn what works for your brand, commit to developing content that performs best and meets business goals.

5. Launch Retargeting Campaigns

With the entire company’s survival at stake, you have to make every dollar count. Thus, if you have spent on a potential visitor, remarket ads to ensure he/she converts. Remarketing campaigns are pretty popular with Facebook and Google already. These ads tag the browser whenever someone visits your website. In short, you can assume that person has an interest in your products, and in turn, you use remarketing to foster engagement.

Retargeting campaigns can convert every prospect and close sales, helping you survive in the downturn. You have to keep an eye on how much you spend on every click to calculate the return on investments. In case you want ads to be visible to a specific audience, adjust the ‘spend preferences’ on your ad domain. Do you know the best part? Retargeting ads are the least expensive and effective marketing campaigns since you show ads to people who have visited your site.

6. Improve Affordability

In hard-hitting times, conventional discounts and delayed-value promotions don’t help businesses at all. Therefore, marketers have to increase the depth of price promotions to captivate more customers. Before this, you have to assess the consumers’ perception of ‘normal’ price level as it significantly changes in a downturn. You can conduct online surveys or polls to get a better idea of affordability levels.

Suppose, if you are a premium brand owner, you don’t have to move the brand down-market since it can upset your existing customers. Instead, you can introduce a fighter brand – a lower-priced version of the premium offering. Recently, a case in point, Apple launched iPhone 12 ‘mini’ at a much lower price as its fighter brand during the pandemic. You can launch something similar rather than cutting back on costs or reducing the product’s quality. It would help your brand in a downturn while ensuring survival and profitability.

Final Words

Keeping the business afloat and profitable, especially in a downturn, is a massive challenge. In these uncertain times, entrepreneurs cut back on their business costs and marketing budget. While reducing costs is necessary, you have to continue with marketing practices. It would put your business in the market, attract more customers, and increase sales prospects, which are essential to ensure business survival.


Three Ways for Businesses to Stay in Touch with Their Customers

Reaching out to your customers is a great way to keep them in touch with your business. There are so many options these days though, do you wonder which methods are the best? Read on to learn three of the most productive ways to communicate with your clients.

1. Telephone

Having a reliable phone system is a very high priority for any business. No matter how popular other forms of communication become, speaking to someone live by phone is the easiest way to build trust with customers. You can answer their questions and take orders immediately, which increases productivity for both of you.

2. Email

Sending messages to a large number of people at once is a great advantage offered by email. You can keep all your customer or vendor contact information in one place and send messages to the select group at one time. Emails are cheap and fast, and you can customize them with your business name, greetings, salutations and contact information. Keeping customers engaged with your business by sending newsletters and savings offers always helps get people back to your company.

3. Social Media

Posting videos or hosting live demonstrations on social media is an exciting way to reach out to your customers. Social media allows you to link all your business contact information, location, website and hours all in one convenient spot. Customers can choose to follow your company and receive notifications when you post an update. They can also ask questions, give reviews and even message you directly. From a marketing perspective, social media allows you to reach both current clients and potential ones simultaneously. Most social media sites are free or low-cost and are easy to set up.

Keeping in touch with customers is an integral part of maintaining your business. With so many ways to communicate, start with these three to get the most out of your efforts.


Influencer Marketing Facts

Gone are the days when marketing consisted of solely print ads, radio segments, billboards or online ads. Today’s marketing trends are about targeting consumers where they spend the most time, on social media.

All About Influence

To put it simply, an influencer is a celebrity, blogger, vlogger or social media star who has a large audience clamoring to learn more about them. Business leaders like Eyal Gutentag know that connecting with consumers is about establishing a trustworthy relationship, so pairing an influencer with your product or service is a great way to make connections among the influencer’s audience.

Product Placement

The lowest stakes type of influencer marketing is product placement because it is fairly simple and natural for the influencer to incorporate into their accounts. All they need to do is post a picture, video or message that name-drops a brand’s product or service, or even tease about a new favorite product to pique viewers’ interest before disclosing the product (usually after many pleas by their audience to share their secret). People prefer to use items if they’ve seen others use them first, so by scattering your product throughout their social media feeds, you will automatically gain valuable name recognition.

Get Personal

An innovative way to get customers interested in your product is by having an influencer post an in-depth review of the product. This typically includes illustrated segments discussing packaging, initial impression and use of the product, culminating in an overall review and recommendation. The influencer will often ask their viewers to comment on the post with questions or their own experience, which he or she will respond to and which often give the brand valuable feedback about their product and consumer expectations.

Brand Ambassadors

If a company desires a more long-term relationship with an influencer and his or her audience, asking them to become a brand ambassador is a great option. This is typically more involved, as it can involve in-person events, hosted giveaways and a series of posts, although it can yield much higher returns because there are additional customer interaction opportunities. Consumers enjoy this type of advertising partnership because the brand exposure is varied and detailed.

Influencer marketing is a natural way to get your consumers talking about your product. People view the people in their social media feed as friends, even if they have never met. By hiring these virtual friends to discuss and endorse your product, you get unique content and audience buy-in that would otherwise not exist in the traditional advertising world.


Importance Of Choosing The Right Amazon Creative Agency

WHEN you’re looking for an Amazon creative agency, there are a few things you need to take into account to get the best value for your money. It is important to keep in mind that many agencies claim to be the best in marketing services, but on closer inspection, you will find that most agencies don’t know much about Amazon marketing. They are good at digital marketing, but you need to know that Amazon is a unique platform, and not everyone has experience with this platform. To win the battle on this platform, you need to partner with an agency specializing in Amazon marketing.  Unfortunately, very few agencies have the experience and the knowledge to help their clients take full advantage of this platform.

One of the most important things you need to look at is the reputation of the agency. Thankfully, checking the reputation of a company these days is much easier as you can search for the company’s name, and you should be able to find dozens of reviews from their past customers and others. Please do not make the mistake of choosing an agency because they happen to have a great-looking website or people who are good at selling to businesses. You want someone with the necessary experience in selling on Amazon. Amazon is a unique platform as it has thousands of sellers in almost every imaginable category. 

When you get a referral from someone for a particular urgency, the first thing you need to do is search for their name online and check their reviews. It is also important to keep in mind that while an agency might have been good at a particular time, it does not mean that they have retained their expertise or the core team that helped them gain the reputation. This is why, when you get the reference for a particular urgency, you should first ask for the people who have helped them achieve those results. Partner with them only if they have retained the core team that has helped them achieve those results.

When you’re partnering with an Amazon creative agency, the least you should expect is good customer service. Without good customer service, it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals as you will need regular communication and support from the creative agency to achieve your goals. There are millions of sellers on Amazon. Amazon is the biggest online retailer globally as it cares about customers, but you are not their customer. You are making use of their platform, and you might not get as much support as you would expect from Amazon. This is why it’s important for you to partner with an agency that knows what they are doing and one that takes customer service seriously.

It is better to partner with a company that has been in this business for many years and has many existing clients. Don’t just rely on the information provided on their website. Instead, you should check for yourself how long they have been in this business and how many clients they have helped over the years. They should be aware of the rules and regulations that are regularly updated on the platform. Keep in mind that you risk getting kicked off the platform if you do not comply with the rules and regulations on Amazon. They should also be aware of various marketing methods on the platform, such as PPC advertising, search optimization, product listing optimization, and other such things.

Overall, there are several advantages of partnering with the right Amazon creative agency. Keep the tips mentioned above to find and choose the right agency to take your business to the next level on this giant e-commerce platform.


How to develop a professional gold trading strategy

Investors all around the world are fascinated with the gold trading business. Due to fluctuations in the gold price, they are trading gold online and making a decent profit. Many novice traders try to follow the professional traders and start taking trades in the gold market. But eventually, they fail miserably. To succeed in the gold trading business, you have to know the basics of the CFD market. Without having a strong strategy, you will always fail to make a profit in the trading world.

Today, we are going to discuss some key steps which will allow you to create a perfect gold trading strategy. Read this article with great care so that you can develop a premium trading system to trade the gold market.

Price driving catalyst

Before you start working on the development of the trading system, you have to know about the price driving catalyst. Factors like interest rate change have a significant impact on the gold price. So, if you are not aware of the price driving catalyst, you won’t understand why the market becomes extremely unstable all of a sudden. The only way you can protect your capital and look for quality trade signals is by educating yourself properly. Start with the news factor as it will give you a better overview of the market. Once you have the basic knowledge about the impact of news releases, you can start working on the strategy development process.

Identify the trend

Traders should be able to identify the trend properly to take quality trades. For that, you need to have a powerful trading platform. Check over here and see the premium platform offered by Saxo. Soon you will realize the importance of trading the market with a high-end broker. Try to connect the highs and lows in the market to find the critical support level. While drawing the trend line, use higher lows or lower highs. But the trend line should be connected in a natural way so that you can trade the major support or resistance level.

Look for the price action signals

After learning to find the critical support and resistance, you can take the trades by using the price action signals. Learning about the Japanese candlestick patterns is going to a tough task since you have to learn a lot about the different candlestick patterns. Once you become skilled in doing the proper market analysis, you will slowly become comfortable trading with the most reliable candlestick pattern. Novice traders can start learning about the pin bar and engulfing pattern. This pattern provides quality trade signals to gold traders in a stable market.

Test your strategy

After developing the basic trading strategy, you need to test your system. The test result must be satisfactory or else you need to bring change to the system. Thousands of traders jump into the online trading world without knowing everything about the market. They even don’t know the proper way to backtest their strategy. Backtesting is the only process by which traders can find potential faults in their system. By analyzing the faults, it is easy for us to review our trading mechanism. Thus, we will have the ultimate scope to improve our system.

Trading the real market

When you step into the CFD market for the first time, you will be uncomfortable at the first. This is very normal and there is nothing to worry about. Look for the trade signals in the higher time frame and take the trades by evaluating the support and resistance level in a standard way. Once you have determined the critical support and resistance level, start analyzing the risk factor. The risk should not exceed 2% of your account balance. If it does, you are on the wrong path. The only way you can protect your capital is by taking managed risks and looking for high-quality trade signals.

Business Ideas

Trading CFDs Must Know: Discovering the Profitability HealthCare Related Stocks this 2021

As the battle with the Covid-19 health crisis continues, there have been many opportunities for trading CFDs that are connected to health care stocks. If you happen to be a novice trader or someone who is reading to explore new ventures for a diversified portfolio, health care stock CFD is something that must be included in the short listed potential stocks to deal this 2021.However, in order to fully appreciate the potentials of trading with such merchandise, it is important for someone to have general knowledge regarding regarding them.

Overview of the Healthcare Field

Our health matters to us especially during trying times such as now. As we read news articles from news sources, it is quite alarming to note that more and more people are prone to the Covid-19 virus because of the discovery of a new variant. As of writing, there are about 105,251,076 cases around the world. Quite alarming right? Yet, if we take a look at the bright side of the situation, we now have about 76,906,711 recoveries and this is where the opportunity  for profitability of trading CFDs  via health care stocks come in. Due to the daily updates in the number of active cases, recoveries and deaths, almost everyone started to be obsessed  with strengthening their immunity so as to lessen their chances of catching the disease. Pharmacies run out of vitamins, face masks, alcohol and other hygienic products. Doctors never run out of patients for consultation. Hospitals are packed with both Covid and Non Covid related patients and most of all Pharmaceutical Companies are busy developing, preparing and testing vaccines hoping that could end this dilemma. One will surely won’t be wondering if people’s usual spending on the healthcare industry has become doubled, tripled or even quadrupled. And for a trader, these observations clearly show great possibilities of obtaining profit from the healthcare sector.

Types of Healthcare Stocks

Aside from pharmaceutical companies, the following fields could also help you pick the right health care stocks that suits your taste for trading

  1. Biotech
  2. Medical Supplies
  3. Medical Care
  4. Health Insurances
  5. Pharmacy Benefit Manager

 Picking the Right Stocks for You

While it is true that you have a wide array of stocks to pick from the moment you decide to be involved with healthcare stocks, personally deciding which among the options best fit your trading personality matters. Here are some tips that will help you shorten your choices for the suitable merchandise for trading.

  1. Pick stocks that have potentials for great value and base your decisions on its financial performance.
  2. Look for dividend paying stocks to increase your portfolio value.
  3. Choose to be involved with stocks that have possibilities to venture out because expansion and growth greatly affect the rate of  stocks in the market

Parting Words

 It is clear that the pandemic made the whole world financially, physically and economically suffer but in the eyes of an optimistic trader, this healthcare issue is a perfect instrument that helps us appreciate so many things which we have taken for granted before. Among these things include our health, relationship to others and our profits.