What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital or online marketing refers to any marketing that utilizes electronic devices to deliver promotional messages to prospective clients and subsequently measure its results. It helps promote a brand to their target market using electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and phones. 


Digital marketing can take different forms, from advertisement videos, social media posts, display ads, or promotional emails. It means that there is a large audience that brands and digital marketers can target. And because a large number of people are online every day, online marketing can be advantageous if done correctly. According to statistics, approximately 89 percent of Americans are online every day, with 43 percent going online more than once a day. Furthermore, roughly 26 percent of these internet users are constantly online all day. 


Having an online presence is essential for any brand. If you want to tap into the vast demographic online at any time, having an online marketing campaign is the way to go. You will easily connect with your potential customers through the internet, social media, emails, or other web-based advertisement forums. And the good thing is that this type of marketing result is not bound by geographical positioning as it is easy to specify which location or type of people you are looking to meet. 

Does Online Marketing Work for B2Bs?

As a business owner providing goods or services for other businesses, digital marketing might come in handy for you. Although it is challenging since B2B clients tend to have longer decision-making processes, online marketing yields excellent results for B2B businesses when done effectively. Some tactics can help you increase your conversation rate, such as follow-ups and offering samples or offers for such clients. You should also ensure that your online presence is well optimized and user-friendly, because it helps convince your target clients that your services are what they want. 

Final Thoughts

Digital or online marketing is a method of marketing that utilizes electronic devices to reach potential clients. It is an effective way of marketing, since most people are online nowadays. It is easy to target and reach people easily using the available tools such as emails, the internet, or social media.