Three Ways for Businesses to Stay in Touch with Their Customers

reliable phone system

Reaching out to your customers is a great way to keep them in touch with your business. There are so many options these days though, do you wonder which methods are the best? Read on to learn three of the most productive ways to communicate with your clients.

Table of Contents

1. Telephone

Having a reliable phone system is a very high priority for any business. No matter how popular other forms of communication become, speaking to someone live by phone is the easiest way to build trust with customers. You can answer their questions and take orders immediately, which increases productivity for both of you.

2. Email

Sending messages to a large number of people at once is a great advantage offered by email. You can keep all your customer or vendor contact information in one place and send messages to the select group at one time. Emails are cheap and fast, and you can customize them with your business name, greetings, salutations and contact information. Keeping customers engaged with your business by sending newsletters and savings offers always helps get people back to your company.

3. Social Media

Posting videos or hosting live demonstrations on social media is an exciting way to reach out to your customers. Social media allows you to link all your business contact information, location, website and hours all in one convenient spot. Customers can choose to follow your company and receive notifications when you post an update. They can also ask questions, give reviews and even message you directly. From a marketing perspective, social media allows you to reach both current clients and potential ones simultaneously. Most social media sites are free or low-cost and are easy to set up.

Keeping in touch with customers is an integral part of maintaining your business. With so many ways to communicate, start with these three to get the most out of your efforts.