Using Youtube to Get More Email Addresses- A Quick Guide to Expanding Your Marketing

E-mail addresses

Social media is like a magnet, pulling people in easily. So many people spend a lot of time on various social media platforms every day, giving you a perfect way to find your target audience easily and efficiently. YouTube, a video-sharing website, is the ideal platform to use to expand your marketing.

YouTube advertising is focussed on keywords, which means that your ads on YouTube will be shown to those who are looking for certain words or phrases that fit with your ads. One of the most important parts of YouTube advertising is picking your video. You need to have your own YouTube channel, which is very easy to set up on the YouTube site. You can upload your chosen video to your channel, and then use YouTube’s campaign tool; to add the link to your published video.

The key to a good advertisement is good imagery and good copy. You need a clear, catchy headline that will draw your audience in, but that also clarifies exactly what your video is about to make sure you’re appealing to the right people. You’re also able to pick a featured image, which is what the viewer will see when the video isn’t playing. After that, you’re able to pick a page for the target group to land; a page that your audience can enter their email address for more marketing. You can use newsletter software for a higher impact.

You’ll want to consider your budget when using YouTube to expand your market. Of course, it depends on what sort of budget you’ve got to work with. YouTube will offer you a suggestion of around €10 a day, which is a good price to be able to finetune your target group and your market on the platform. It’s worth knowing that you only get charged if someone watches over 30 seconds of your video, so that should mean you’re only paying for an audience who are interested in your video and your market.

You can also really narrow down your target audience to ensure you’re reaching the specific group that you want for your market. On YouTube, you’re able to decide where your ad is seen; you can also decide where you don’t want it. It’s usually best to let the ad run anywhere, though, as the wider your span the more views you’re likely to gain, and the more email addresses you can get. This sort of customisation can be narrowed down to certain ages, genders and interests, so if you have got a good idea of your ideal target audience, using these features to ensure you reach them can be really helpful if you choose to use it.

Once you’ve gone through and perfected your ad and your outreach, you need to wait for approval for your ad from Google and YouTube. After that, you can monitor your ad on Google Analytics and watch your market grow!