Why Machine Translation Cannot Be Relied Upon For Your Website

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Communication is the key to all kinds of projects. However, the biggest barrier to communication is language. Two parties aiming to strike a deal might face a problem if they do not understand a common language. Under such a scenario, both parties need a translation agency UK service. Previously, a human translator, someone who is versed in both languages, was used. With the advent of technology in recent times, machine translation has been formulated so that all kinds of communication can take place over the internet. However, there are some reasons why machine translation cannot be relied upon. They are:

Most machine-translation algorithms to the date paid little interest in the culture of human beings. Several words are common in different cultures, but they are of different meanings. Machine languages cannot demarcate between the different meanings of the same word. Moreover, they cannot understand idioms, slangs, or names. They might find the meaning of a person’s name and will translate the names along with the rest of the words in the sentence.

  • Machines cannot understand the context of the phrase

There are several words in the same language that can be used to mean different objects in different contexts. For example, the English word ‘tear’ means both the lacrimal secretions of the eye, as well as a physical activity to divide a single paper or cloth into many parts. The actual meaning of the word depends on the context of the sentence. Machine language cannot decipher the difference between the contexts and can mix up the topics of both sentences. The translated outcomes can prove to be hilarious, especially when, in the above example, one can use his or her teardrop to divide the pages into many sections.

  • Machines cannot resonate the tone and style

An integral part of any language is the style and tone of any speech. These two attributes can control the importance of every word. However, when a machine translates any sentence, it does so word by word, without any focus on the style and tone. Therefore, such machine-translated sentences fall flat and do not create an environment that is usually present with the original sentences. Therefore, a human translator scores more than a machine translator in this aspect.

To avoid such problems with machine translation, you must go for a human translator. If you are looking for a translation agency UK ,you will find some of the best in the business. Talk to some of the experts to get their experience in supporting your assignment.